There’s a move…

Samuel Huntley shares from his heart with testimony, vision and word…   at the end of this word we also listed to Brandon Lake’s ‘This is a move’.  Because of copyright issues we cannot play the recording from that moment, so we’ve included an extended live version below for you to be blessed with from YouTube.

He holds our hand

This was possibly the most difficult Sunday we have had since being leaders of Life Central Church.   It is exciting to introduce new things, to inspire growth and development…. but when it’s time to stop something that has felt good.  A change when it is least expected – then that is heart wrenching and difficult. 

He is changing our identity through the struggle

This Sunday morning was one of those beautiful moments when God was joining the dots all over the room!   There were words, testimonies, worship & prayer that just exuded His presence among us.   We didn’t catch all of it on this recording, but there is enough for you to capture the heart of all that


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