We need more Barnabas’s!

Drawing together the strands from recent weeks and the other testimonies / words from the meeting, we consider the need for intentional discipleship through relationship . Larisa begins with thoughts from Psalm 91, Suzie follows that up with testimony & finally Steve concludes.  

He is with us – Testimonies of hope

The core of this weeks message is with Trisha & Andrew Booth sharing some encouragement from their hearts and scripture with plenty of testimony thrown in [Edited].  Anne also gives thanks following her and Jacks close call on the road last week.  

Pouring out Worship

As a preamble to our Pentecost gathering, Steve shares a few thoughts on the Woman who poured out the rather expensive contents of an alabaster jar on Jesus…  we then entered into worship and followed that by lots of testimonies – good news stories from the congregation.  We hope you’ll be encouraged by what you

Life Values – The Blessing of Scripture (Part 2)

The second part of the wider series of Life Values, looking at the heart of scripture – in this podcast we consider that if we believe this scripture to be good and worthy of consideration to help us in our lives, pointing us to Jesus, then what does this mean for us?  How should we


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