Life Groups

life groupsThis is where we are breaking the mould…  in churches you often get ‘home’ group style meetings that are centred around teaching, but here we are centred around relationship.  In fact, these groups are not just a side thought on the big picture of church… they are the very heart of where Life Central meets – this IS the Church!    In this there isn’t a set of tasks to achieve or teachings to deliver, instead we want people to get to know each other – properly – and that takes time.  So we have have a vision to meet in each others homes to BE together. That might be around a meal, a cuppa or a chat… we don’t mind, but the purpose is to really build our relationships, and from that place be able to love one another as Christ loves us.  We know this will then spill out into our community – sharing  fun & food with friends and neighbours naturally.  It may find other expressions of God’s love for our community – but that’s for you to find out with the people you have build good friendships with.  Life Groups are not led from ‘the front’ they will be led by the whole church as we grow together, and then as a body we can resource and support what you are doing…   join in and have fun discovering ‘Life in all it’s Fullness’ 😀


Where & When are we meeting?

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