14368911_820643114743682_4323472527588403140_n1 13076743_747528155388512_3631573428828516977_n1Larisa’s family on the paternal side are all from Tuscany, so there is a family connection with the nation of Italy.  When the Jenkins family visited for a family wedding in 2010 they made a connection with ‘Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Sovigliana’, a local church on the edge of Empoli.  (Empoli is a town of about 50,000 people in Tuscany found between Pisa and Florence.)  This connection has been grown each time they have visited and we believe there is something here that will allow our congregation to partner for the sake of the Kingdom with them.  So, watch this space as the relationship grows and we consider how we can best serve this community of believers, and also see how we can learn from them.



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