St John’s School Carol Service

17th December 2020

We couldn’t do nativity plays or carol services in the normal way… but the amazing staff a St.John’s have pulled together this lovely half hour of Christmas celebration…. enjoy!

Father Heart Invitation

25th April 2020

Teaching coming soon….

Facebook Live

21st March 2020

While we cannot meet together, we’ll use Facebook live to connect, teach, worship and encourage. Hope you can join us often 🙂 Steve & Larisa For upcoming FB ‘Live’ events […]

Update 16.03.20

16th March 2020

With world wide response to the Covid-19 virus – we will keep you updated both here and other online channels with our responses to the ongoing situation.

Father’s Heart

9th March 2019

Dan Davison speaking in the afternoon session at the Father’s Heart conference March 2019

Faith in the Struggle

27th January 2019

Life throws a whole bunch of stuff at us, and sometimes we need to vent those feelings… but isn’t that doubting God? Isn’t that a sin? … have a watch […]

Gifted – With each other (Video)

7th January 2019

The fourth week of Advent 2018:

Gifted – With each other (Video)

23rd December 2018

Gifted – with heavenly distribution

9th December 2018

Video of our second in the Hope Came Down series:

Gifted – with simple beginnings

2nd December 2018

Video from 1st Sunday in Advent 2018 – Hope Came Down series

The Power of Testimony

27th November 2018

Message from Sunday 25th November 2018