Sabbatical time

11th July 2022

We, Steve & Larisa, are taking a Sabbatical. (Check out the word shared HERE on YouTube if you want to know what that is all about!) From Mid August to […]

Facebook Live

21st March 2020

While we cannot meet together, we’ll use Facebook live to connect, teach, worship and encourage. Hope you can join us often 🙂 Steve & Larisa For upcoming FB ‘Live’ events […]

Update 16.03.20

16th March 2020

With world wide response to the Covid-19 virus – we will keep you updated both here and other online channels with our responses to the ongoing situation.

Church – Lambwe Valley style

18th February 2019

On Sunday we experienced a four hour pentecostal marathon of worship,  dance and preaching…   somewhere in the middle Steve did a bit of teaching too 😁 The journey there was […]

Hot days and sunsets

16th February 2019

The heat is turning up here in every sense of the word!   We are working with some very real challenges at the Academy and really value your prayers as we […]

Arrived in Homa Bay :)

12th February 2019

It was a long trek with some very uncomfortable stretches of road…   But it was worth it when we were treated to a sunset in Homa Bay like this… […]

Stunning Kenya

11th February 2019

We landed safely in Kenya at 5:00 am (That is 2:00 am GMT)  and then hit the road straight away… immediately into the craziness of Nairobi’s morning rush hour. We […]

Steve & Larisa’s agenda in Kenya

8th February 2019

Here is an overview of our intensions while in Kenya in the next days… but, as we often say when out there the TIA rule also applies.  What is TIA?  […]

Weekend blessings

10th September 2018

Thank you for everyone who attended our ‘Restoring the Foundations’ Weekend last week. We experienced some beautiful times in worship, fascinating teaching and wonderful times of friendship. Here’s just a […]

Just thinking…

29th March 2018

I have some great memories of my Dad.  He was a chartered mechanical engineer who grew into a senior managerial role in industry. He valued ‘thinking time’.  Sometimes colleagues would […]


2nd January 2018

The medical practitioners tell us that if we are genuinely feeling thirsty that we are dehydrated and should drink more water.  In the UK there are very few reasons why […]

Burundi Schedule

2nd November 2017

Please click through to see a .PDF file of my schedule over the next 11 days or so. Click the link here: burundi schedule nov17 Thank you for your prayers Steve

KAHAILA – A catalyst for Wellington

3rd October 2017

We have mentioned this video a few times in recent weeks…   It is focussed on the needs of London and city life, but we have found it to be a […]