Church – Lambwe Valley style

18th February 2019

On Sunday we experienced a four hour pentecostal marathon of worship,  dance and preaching…   somewhere in the middle Steve did a bit of teaching too 😁 The journey there was […]

Hot days and sunsets

16th February 2019

The heat is turning up here in every sense of the word!   We are working with some very real challenges at the Academy and really value your prayers as we […]

Arrived in Homa Bay :)

12th February 2019

It was a long trek with some very uncomfortable stretches of road…   But it was worth it when we were treated to a sunset in Homa Bay like this… […]

Steve & Larisa’s agenda in Kenya

8th February 2019

Here is an overview of our intensions while in Kenya in the next days… but, as we often say when out there the TIA rule also applies.  What is TIA?  […]

Life Central Academy : Pre-school graduation

8th January 2019

In Kenya, graduating your class is a big deal.  And we are proud to celebrate with them as they have just started back into their new school year.  The picture […]

Burundi Schedule

2nd November 2017

Please click through to see a .PDF file of my schedule over the next 11 days or so. Click the link here: burundi schedule nov17 Thank you for your prayers Steve

Academy target met!!

5th June 2017

We are so blessed to have Life Central Academy in the Life Central family.    When we heard that they needed to build two more classrooms to give proper space […]

Here comes the rain…

23rd March 2017

It has been a long time coming as the dry season in Kenya started early back in November 2016.  Normally the rain continues until the end of December and then […]

A few photo’s from Life Central Academy, Kenya

23rd February 2017

Christmas Quiz Fun for our Kenya Project

19th December 2016

For a few years now Simon & Anne Ratsey have produced a genuinely challenging quiz around the Christmas Season.  To enter there is a minimum donation of just £1  (of […]

The bigger church family

14th July 2016

If you are local to Wellington you may have seen page nine of the Wellington Weekly News today.  It is a full page declaration from the church leaders in the […]

Good News from Kenya

24th April 2016

After real concern about the health of her father, Irene traveled back to Kenya last week.  The prognosis was not good, but in a matter of days (and after a […]