Sabbatical time

We, Steve & Larisa, are taking a Sabbatical.
(Check out the word shared HERE on YouTube if you want to know what that is all about!)

From Mid August to the last week or so of October, we will be taking time out to rest, revue and revive for the next season. We don’t want to predetermine the outcomes, but there is hope that we will get clear direction from God on how we should be ministering in the months and years beyond this precious opportunity.

While we are on this sabbatical we will celebrate 34 years of marriage, and in all this time we have been in some kind of ministry together… and this is the first time we have been offered a sabbatical. So we are both grateful and relieved!

It is our plan to have some time with family. Spaces to rest, retreat, listen & think. And maybe take up an offer to attend a conference with Life Streams in Chicago, USA…. but need to work out the pennies on that one.

Whatever we end up doing, please pray for us during this time. 🙏🏻❤️👍🏼

Thank you

Steve & Larisa