Life Group – Covid Guidelines

We can meet up in groups of SIX, but we need to get used to adjustments to how we do things ‘normally’. We need to ensure we maintain proper distance and be meticulous with hand hygiene… please don’t forget this. If followed well, even if someone did have Covid, the chance of passing it on would be minimal.

Please space people out well – measure the space if needed. And make sure everyone respects each other.

We recommend:
Gel hands on entering front door
Visitors in meeting room and loo (not other rooms)
Clean the bathroom and new hand towel before meeting,
Refreshments made with mask and clean hands or people could bring something for themselves in a thermos?
Exiting one household at a time others remain seated until they leave,
Gel as leaving house
Keep windows open if at all possible
NO attending if any symptoms etc.!

Where possible, wear a mask until seated and only removing once sitting , (just like we do in cafes.)

Note: In many houses it is virtually impossible to socially distanced in doorways. Also it remind each other to be a careful.

We are a wonderful, loving church family we could easily forget or desperately want to comfort someone. It is really tough to keep all this up! But in the season we need to be wise.

If we can meet responsibly, we are protecting each other and demonstrating that we are honouring each other and those that observe what we are doing.

There will usually be a zoom group for those not able or comfortable to attend face to face at this time.