Church – Lambwe Valley style

On Sunday we experienced a four hour pentecostal marathon of worship,  dance and preaching…   somewhere in the middle Steve did a bit of teaching too 😁

The journey there was a mission in itself when we had parts of the road that had been cut up with 1.5metre deep gully’s from previous rains…  the last rains were over 3 months ago in this area, so the road had not been used enough for people to be bothered to repair.   Once we had all got out and navigated the car round with the smallest of margins for error, we then started down tracks developed with traffic on foot and mopeds… and we think Somerset backroads are narrow!!  Anyway, we arrived to a huge PA blasting out the ‘music’ and this was stacked up outside the church building.  A wise move as if it had been inside I think there might have been seismic damage.

The service kind of started with a few around 9:30am and grew in number during the bible study element (effectively 2 sermons) from 10 until 11 am.  By then the main building was full and many children were meeting in groups around the area rehearsing dances & memory verses.  The pastor spoke and encouraged, many songs were sung, mostly in the Luo language.  Some pretty good attempts at translation for us was happening while this was all going on. I was asked to preach for about 40 mins, and did so up to 12:30 after the pastor who translated for me took the mic and preached again…

4 sermons in 4 hours… you can’t say they didn’t get a message!  This was all interspersed with the children’s presentations and more exuberant worship & dance… you just have to love the heart and passion in the beautiful people ❤️

We finished by being served as honoured guests with other pastors in Pastor Vincent’s home, below:

While the rest of the church enjoying a meal together just outside…

Monday has been an important admin day as we bring the Academy into line with developing regulations in the UK and Kenya.