Hot days and sunsets

The heat is turning up here in every sense of the word!   We are working with some very real challenges at the Academy and really value your prayers as we find the Jesus way forward together.

We just love these children!

So good to see Julie North’s jumpers getting to their intended destination!   They love them!

They look smart… but let us assure you that  for many their uniforms underneath have been torn and sown up so often.

And this is the future of football in Kenya!   They have been playing with a home made ball made of rags, now they have a football AND some kit too!

The teaching staff are with Eva (in pink) on the back row.

An early start on Friday allowed us to see the sunrise from the top of the hotel we are staying in.

And the setting sun from the night before…

Many moments of joy, even in 38 degree heat 🌞