Steve & Larisa’s agenda in Kenya

Here is an overview of our intensions while in Kenya in the next days… but, as we often say when out there the TIA rule also applies.  What is TIA?   ‘This Is Africa’ .  In other words, with all our best intensions, things can happen out there that change the environment.   Like the day in Burundi when Steve was on the way to preach at a church in Bujumbura, the nearside front wheel comes off the car…  things like that can happen.  Someone had stolen the wheel nuts, probably to sell for a few pence and get to eat that day…  TIA.  And last time we were in Homa Bay we spent a whole morning going between banks in order to get US Dollars changed into Kenyan Shillings without getting ripped off…  eventually, on the 3rd visit to a particular bank, one of the staff saw we were actually wanting to give the money to a local cause and we were not going to just suck up the cost as a western visitor often would…  and  suddenly the fee went from close to 20% to 2% of the total money being changed…  TIA.   And right now it is HOT & DRY.   There would normally have been much more rain in the short rainy season that usually falls from December to February.  But things are difficult, crops fail, prices go up and this impacts every area of an already challenging life in the region….  TIA.

So, these are our intensions and we will post updates as & when we can get a WiFi or 3/4G signal.



10.02.19London Heathrow – Air Kenya Flight to Nairobi (KQ 101) 17:25 GMT take off
11.02.19Landing at Jomo Kenyatta, Nairobi at 05:00
11.02.19Mr Ian Wardle to meet us  from flight with his own vehicle.

Travel west from Nairobi.   Find accommodation in afternoon near Nakuru

12.02.19Continue journey to Homa Bay – check in Cold Springs Hotel, Homa Bay where we stayed on our previous visit in 2017.

Visit Life Central Academy in Lambwe Valley (Okumu family)

Return to Hotel

13.02.19 –
Staying Homa Bay Cold Springs hotel and meeting with Academy Staff and students throughout the week also church connections in the area. Attend local church meeting on Sunday.
Will include:
– visiting other local schools
– local government offices
– meeting school authorities
– visit some student families
– local builders / suppliers
– time with teaching staff
– A lot of time with the Okumu family 🙂
20.02.19Travel from Homa Bay in the morning to Kisumu Airport. 

Air Kenya flight KQ 0657 at 14:05 to Jomo Kenyatta.  Landing 14:55

Got to Airport Landing Hotel – go direct to Hotel & Check in

21.02.19Early breakfast & transport to Jomo Kenyatta

07:30 Check in for Air Kenya flight KQ100 to London Heathrow

09:30. KQ100 take off.  Landing in London 15:30 GMT

Arrive in Wellington in the evening