Just thinking…

I have some great memories of my Dad.  He was a chartered mechanical engineer who grew into a senior managerial role in industry. He valued ‘thinking time’.  Sometimes colleagues would enter his office to find him staring into space with his feet on his desk.  They’d say ‘What are you doing?’ His reply, ‘I’m thinking!’  He knew that this was one of the most important, creative parts of his high pressure job.

In churches that have a charismatic heart there can sometimes be an emphasis on the spontaneous freedom that God can bring into gatherings.  This is no bad thing as we should always be ready to be responsive to the heart of God in any situation.  However, this can be at the expense of careful, thoughtful and prayerful planning.  It could almost suggest that Holy Spirit only speaks to people in random moments and not in the preparation…  not true.  In fact, probably the opposite!  When we take time to wait.  Listen. Rest. Hear. Think. Plan. Prepare… then in this space, we can hear all the more clearly and respond.  It is in the quality time in our Father’s presence the most profound insights come.

It is an honour to serve the Life Central community by having time to think & pray.  And today I confess I am rather excited by the outcome of this!  You see, we now have a plan of messages for Sunday’s (which will of course be open to change when Holy Spirit says so) that will take us until the end of the year. 😀 In the heart of all this is a series of twelve words around the Identity of Life Central.   You could call these core values that we hold on to in the way we relate to each other in this beautiful thing we call Church.  We know it’s important because Jesus is passionately in love with her, he calls the her His bride.  So you invited to join us on this journey in the Spirit and Word as we discover more on how we can make ourselves beautiful, the best we can be, for our bridegroom Jesus.

Grace & Peace