The medical practitioners tell us that if we are genuinely feeling thirsty that we are dehydrated and should drink more water.  In the UK there are very few reasons why we shouldn’t do that as we have water on tap pretty much where ever we go.  However, I have been to places where that is not the case and in the heat of the day dehydration comes all too quickly with dangerous consequences.   As we set out on this new year, with fresh dreams and great ambitions, we will be considering in our Sunday Gatherings some ‘Lessons from the Desert’.  Unpacking some of the journey of the people of Israel as they walked in the heat of the desert on the way to Mt Sinai.   When we are spiritually thirsty…  what can we learn to keep properly ‘hydrated’ and avoid the problems that lack will bring?

Join us on Sunday mornings over the next few weeks to find out more… in fact, we always start with refreshments, so we avoid unnecessary thirst on every level 🙂

See you there