Academy target met!!

Academy target met!!

We are so blessed to have Life Central Academy in the Life Central family.    When we heard that they needed to build two more classrooms to give proper space for the preschool and year 6 needs, or face closure by the authorities, we knew we had to respond.  It will take about £1,000 . (128,000 Kenyan Shillings) to complete this work and with the vision of selling craft, cakes & curry to the community in Wellington this weekend, we hired a stall as part of the street fair and went for it!

We had the amazing gift of a Banquet Meal for Four people from #TamarindBay restaurant, and an beautiful array of hand crafted items to sell along with many home made snacks  – all of which made hundreds of pounds, but not reaching our target.  However, vision is key to this venture and today I was contacted by someone who has been captured by this in their hearts and has anonymously  made up the shortfall so that we can get those classrooms built.  We are so blessed!

So thank you everyone who has played a part in making this happen.  And a big thank you on behalf of everyone at the school too!

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