The bigger church family

If you are local to Wellington you may have seen page nine of the Wellington Weekly News today.  It is a full page declaration from the church leaders in the town to speak peace & unity in the face of the changes we are going through as a nation.  It represents the genuine love we have across the church in this area and that’s something we feel honoured to be a part of.  But of course the Church, the bride of Christ, is not limited to our town – it is world wide!  That’s why this week at Life Central we have visitors (and dear friends) who originate from Brazil & Belgium with us and then next week on 24th July someone from Uganda.

The Devos family from Belgium have been with us all week and they will be joined by Marcelo Guimaraes and his son Davi (who has recently been studying at CFNI with Tom Booth!)  I’m sure you’ll get to hear something from them in our gathering this coming Sunday.

As for the Uganda connection, this is Ian Wardle, someone we have known and loved since 1990. about 20 years ago Ian began a journey that not only took him to Uganda, but led him to live there, establish an international  ministry and become a citizen of the country that, for a long time now, he has called home.  We’ll find out more about what Ian is up to now on the 24th.

As we said, the Church is worldwide and we are part of it!

Steve & Larisa


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